Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sandrine's Bistro Restaurant Review

Sandrine's Bistro
My Opinions:  I haven't been back to this bistro in a while, but I do remember it fondly.  It is a place I currently recommend to people looking for a refreshing break from Harvard Square's more casual restaurants - The food and service is very good that I hope to revisit sooner than later - Great wine list

Some Food/Drink Tasted: Apple and Bleu Cheese Salade – Foie Gras Farandole – Angus Filet Mignon – Peking Duck Breast – Profiteroles

Patronage Inclination: Occasion

Most Recent Visit: ??
Amount Visited: 10+
Experiences: Dinner, Bar

Address: 8 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
Website: http://www.sandrines.com  Phone: (617) 497-5300
Social Networking:  Facebook /Sandrine's Bistro

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