Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marketing Through Events

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Fleur Irisee is a consulting company that started off in business development for early-stage companies and has grown in a unique way – we now have an event management division. Though not always obvious, there is a strong synergy between marketing plans and event management, and through organizing social gatherings, corporate events and private parties, the demand grew and, in turn, grew the Company. - Kristin Kim

Go “all-in” when starting your business, but be sure not to take on more work than you can handle.

What do you love most about your business?
I love getting people what they want and seeing my added-value pay off. I have met so many energetic entrepreneurs, top-notch vendors and successful New Englanders who have great vision and just need help executing it. Seeing the final product is so rewarding and seeing the client happy is invigorating!

What advice can you share with aspiring entrepreneurs?
My advice is to go “all-in” when starting your business, but be sure not to take on more work than you can handle. I see a lot of self-starters over market themselves, over promise results, and under value their contracts. If you cannot handle the demand that your buzz generates, and deadlines are being missed, people will give you poor reviews and it is a quick start to a bad reputation. Also, if you do not price your work fairly (some simple competitive analysis can give you a good guideline) you may be sinking your own ship since you won’t be able to financially stay afloat as you gain traction.

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