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Fleur Irisée's Tweets (July 2011)

July 2011
Tweets on Twitter by Fleur Irisée

  • 7/30/2011 - Great lunch at Edge @FSDenver - love the outside patio and sushi menu. See you soon! 
  • 7/30/2011 - Brunch at Devil's Food Bakery was pricey, but worth it! Best latte and potato salad I've had in Wash. Park #food
  • 7/29/2011 - RT@sarahjhodkinson eBay, PayPal Reveal More Details On X.Commerce Platform For Developers via @techcrunch
  • 7/28/2011 - Happy National Milk Chocolate Day - I hope soy #milk counts b/c Silk has the best around!
  • 7/27/2011 - Although it's not my favorite #desert, happy National Creme Brulee Day. If I had to order one, @FinaleBakery would be my pick. #food
  • 7/27/2011 - Happy National #Scotch Day - enjoy responsibly!
  • 7/26/2011 - Happy National Coffee Milkshake Day (a cooling treat) ... Mmmm, #coffee!
  • 7/24/2011 - Just downloaded @WHERE to my BlackBerry thanks to a recommendation from @sarahjhodkinson - I can't wait to use it while I'm on the road!
  • 7/24/2011 - Celebrate, @kurtmalec ! It's National Tequila Day ... Gran Centennario Anjeo anyone?
  • 7/23/2011 - RT@Mashable This infographic will help you avoid the top10 online scams -
  • 7/23/2011 - Nice dinner @SirosRestaurant in Marina Bay #Quincy (enjoyed the chicken parmesan & a chilled bottle of prosecco!) - I'll be back soon :)
  • 7/23/2011 - Great Turkey Club @FSBoston today!!
  • 7/23/2011 - Great night @Cigar_Masters (again!). You all rock ... best staff & selection of #cigars in Boston.
  • 7/22/2011 - Sad I missed the grand opening, but still can't wait to try #Denver's new hot spot, Chloe, next week! @ChloeDenver
  • 7/22/2011 - Great time tonight @TicoRestaurant (great #tequila!) and @Port305 (yummy popcorn shrimp) -
  • 7/21/2011 - #Fashion PR News: Regan Communications Acquires @5SPR to Launch Fashion & Lifestyle Division RT@PR_Couture
  • 7/21/2011 - No #diets today ☺ b/c July 21st is National Ice Cream & National Junk Food Day (how sweet it is) ♥ USA holidays!
  • 7/20/2011 - Fun #wine fact: According to the Federal government, above 14% alcohol is considered to be a "dessert wine". My favorite is a Vouvray Wine
  • 7/20/2011 - Do We Expect Too Much From Boards?
  • 7/20/2011 - Unhappy to see @Grill23andBar on the Division of Health Inspections' Temp Suspension of Permit 2011 List #restaurant
  • 7/20/2011 - We have a 3fer! It's National #Lollipop, Hot Dog, AND Ice Cream #Soda Day ... Finally, a #food celebration combo that goes well together!
  • 7/19/2011 - Trivia night @jjfoleys with @kurtmalec was fun ... and humbling.
  • 7/18/2011 - Just saw the final Harry Potter movie! Take the ultimate Harry #Potter fan quiz @amc_tv!
  • 7/18/2011 - My 2nd time at Avery Bar in the Boston Ritz, and STILL a bad experience ... especially the food @bostontweet
  • 7/18/2011 - Happy National Caviar Day ... A favorite treat to eat alone or accent a dish. A good #caviar eStore is @LilPearlCaviar
  • 7/17/2011 - Great fun @attitashresort in NH - Mountain Coaster was a great new ride addition to the Alpine Slides & Waterslides!
  • 7/17/2011 - Just back from a great #camping weekend @Crawford Notch (white mountains) in their cabins! Top notch facilities
  • 7/13/2011 - I'm so excited I'm already here about to get a magnum Principato wine jug! (I'll share) @kurtmalec @delmarsenties @sarahjhodkinson @tjmilr
  • 7/13/2011 - At Flour: I spy famous sticky buns modestly mingling w/other tasty #bakery treats!
  • 7/13/2011 - Just got hired for a labor day #luau - I'm planning zesty grilled pineapples, herb salad, ham, +! Dorot (fresh-frozen herbs)
  • 7/13/2011 - The Food Experiments' inviting Boston industry people to pre-pie events in July.
  • 7/12/2011 - Paramount Specialty Caviar: Love it - Want it - Need it ... #caviar infused with truffles, vodka, tequila & more!!!
  • 7/12/2011 - Please send a recommendation for a muté wine (A #wine made by adding brandy early during fermentation - French call it Vin Doux Nature) THX!
  • 7/12/2011 - Great 1st time at Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH - yummy new lunch menu. I can't wait to revisit & try upstairs wine bar
  • 7/12/2011 - It's agreed - today is National Pecan Pie Day ... it's how you pronounce #pecan that is up for debate!
  • 7/11/2011 - Off to Siro's for a birthday dinner - think I'll opt for inside though (love AC)!
  • 7/11/2011 - Happy National Blueberry Muffin Day! The best is to pick fresh #blueberries & make your own... or get them from - YUM
  • 7/10/2011 - Do you like pina coladas ... Because it's National Pina Colada Day! #drinks
  • 7/09/2011 - @legalseafoods thanks! I already did & no one called me back :( terrible customer #service, huh? I will try to follow up this coming week
  • 7/09/2011 - July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day - simple yet delicious - enjoy!
  • 7/08/2011 - I am so excited to be seeing @JamesVanPraagh in Boston (October 2011) - Everyone get your #tickets before it sells out!
  • 7/08/2011 - Opened a customer service ticket @legalseafoods (over a week ago) and still have yet to be called back ... so disappointing!
  • 7/08/2011 - Tasty #dinner tonight @LockeOber (great soft shell crabs!), but POOR SERVICE; I doubt I'll ever be back. B. Lynch No. 9 Park is better!
  • 7/08/2011 - Blues Barge was A+ last night at Boston Harbor Hotel. I had the best table on Lower Terrace! @bohaho
  • 7/07/2011 - So excited - I hope this rolls out quickly! New Hydrogen #Fueling Infrastructure: Filling Stations At Quick Lube Shops
  • 7/07/2011 - Happy National Strawberry Sundae Day!
  • 7/06/2011 - RT@OnePica While we can't work with everyone, we still like to provide good Twitter and Facebook tips for #smallbiz!
  • 7/06/2011 - Just finished up @linertire and they were FANTASTIC - great tire and auto shop!
  • 7/06/2011 - Thank you, @kurtmalec for the birthday wishes!!! Today is going to be a good day!
  • 7/05/2011 - One of the best BLTs I've had in a long time at Henrietta's Table in @CharlesHotel #Cambridge
  • 7/05/2011 - Can't believe Anthony #trial is over with a "not guilty" verdict. Wonder if they're going to try to prosecute Caylee's grandfather ...
  • 7/05/2011 - Happy National #Apple Turnover Day. I hope to make it to @SportelloBoston, @flourbakery or ___ to get one - any bakery deals @grouponboston?
  • 7/05/2011 - We can't wait for Flipping Out debut on July 6 at 9/8pm central - it's already set in our dvr! @BravoAndy
  • 7/04/2011 - Rose Champagne of the deck and sunshine on my face with @sarahjhodkinson - what a beautiful start to the evening! Cheers!!!
  • 7/03/2011 - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, AMERICANS!!! I hope you celebrate with a full heart, amongst the best company and in the USA!
  • 7/03/2011 - RT@WinchesterPatch A #Winchester native is walking across the country to raise money for #MultipleSclerosis. Find out how you can help:
  • 7/03/2011 - Dim Sum at China Garden ... such a great Sunday!
  • 7/02/2011 - Today (July 2nd) is National #Anisette Day - enjoy ... if you're into that type of flavor ...
  • 7/01/2011 - My evening is done - let the weekend begin! ... Starting with a glass of red #wine.
  • 7/01/2011 - Checking in to the office and it's already a party scene for the 4th here in the financial district! I wish I were outside enjoying the fun!
  • 7/01/2011 - That's the #Boston spirit: "@BostonPopular: Red Sox honor Bruins at Fenway Park -"
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