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Fleur Irisée's Tweets (September 2011)

September 2011
Tweets on Twitter by Fleur Irisée

  • 9/30/2011 Headed back to headquarters (#Boston) ... It's going to be a fantastic weekend!

  • 9/30/2011 Party Rock! CollegeFest 2011 Hits Boston This Weekend at the Hynes Convention Center via@BostInnovation

  • 9/30/2011 Two food Voluntary #Recalls: Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce Organic Grape Tomato & True Leaf Farms Bagged, Chopped Romaine.

  • 9/30/2011 Nooo! A big reason I've been a loyal customer is gone: "@Reuters: Bank of America to charge debit card use fee" #BofA

  • 9/30/2011 Had another fun night learning to ballroom #dance at Adventures in Dance studio: Littleton, CO @AdvntrsInDance

  • 9/27/2011 Happy National Chocolate Milk Day! I opt for Ghirardelli now, but was a Nesquik fan (still not sure what Ovaltine's appeal ever was ...)

  • 9/27/2011 Boston's Mayors Food Court: Temporary Suspension of Permit - THE FEDERAL recent health code violations #badrestaurant

  • 9/26/2011 Volunteer! Take a breather from work, job search, party life to give back to your fav. cause (mine's @Learning_Ally).

  • 9/26/2011 Have fun at Ad Club's Media Innovation Day! Is @sarahjhodkinson going too? @kaucella @mromig @jmoore700 @MarcTGrabowski

  • 9/26/2011 RT @TIME Oh. Great. Facebook cookies work even if you're logged out | (via @Techland) 

  • 9/26/2011 Love @andersoncooper new talk show, Anderson! Great guests and interview style!

  • 9/25/2011 The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty - Winston Churchill #Optimist

  • 9/23/2011 RT @EarthShare Plenty of depressing economic & political news today. Here's some good news: #Green jobs are happening

  • 9/23/2011 @lg_designs I can't wait to see the invitation design!

  • 9/24/2011 LOGO DESIGN JOB: I'm looking to redesign a client logo (finance industry) & am accepting bids/references today

  • 9/24/2011 Contracting out Twitter updates can lack authenticity. @Fleur_Irisee, we're careful to reflect unique company personality, opinions & values

  • 9/24/2011 A biz/convention #Networking conversation tip:“The quotation I live my life by is…” It shows you're thoughtful, well read & self-motivated

  • 9/23/2011 Beer! Sept. 23-25 #Oktoberfest (round 2) Denver is happening on Larimer St. in the Ballpark Neighborhood PROST!

  • 9/22/2011 RT @googleoffers Good morning #Denver - are you ready for #GoogleOffers? Help us spread the word that we'll be in CO soon! RT & sign up @

  • 9/21/2011 Off to meet my @WHERE friend after their conference @SheratonDenDtwn - Maybe try 16Mix bar or 15|FIFTY to quench my thirst! #denver

  • 9/21/2011 Happy International Banana Festival & National Pecan Cookie Day! #foodholiday

  • 9/21/2011 Hmmm, never heard of #FollowFriday - Discover 34 Awesome Twitter Ideas for Engaging Your Prospects via @hubspot

  • 9/20/2011 A #Networking Tip during introductions: “When I googled myself today, I discovered…” In a fun social setting, this is a memorable icebreaker

  • 9/20/2011 RT @whitehouse A promise made is now a promise kept. As of 12:01am today, "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" is over: #DADT

  • 9/19/2011 #Doppelganger Alert: @SethMacFarlane = Greg Brady ... on purpose??

  • 9/19/2011 Men, take notes from The @GQMagazine Style Report: The Emmys… (nice job, @CharlieSheen - glad you're on the up&up!)

  • 9/19/2011 RT @ComedyCentral The #SheenRoast is finally here! Our Pre-Show coverage starts at 9:30/8:30c!

  • 9/19/2011 Great to hear how many places carry @xtremelashes! I'm going to a Lash Envy in Colorado.

  • 9/19/2011 CLOSING 12/31/2011: Priscilla of Boston. I'm sure we all won't miss their awful customer service... @leliteboston is my fav. anyhoo! #brides

  • 9/19/2011 Getting ready for an event, so off to Lash Envy to get @XtremeLashes applied (1st time!). Can't wait to see how they compare to @luxlash.

  • 9/18/2011 RT@PrimetimeEmmys Be sure to visit as Backstage Live show is still going on! + see clips of tonight's show and more

  • 9/18/2011 Upcoming dates for New England Bridal Affair Shows in MA & CT (PreRegister to Win a honeymoon by #weddings

  • 9/18/2011 Happy National Cheeseburger Day (delicious!) - my favorite burger comes out of the Four Seasons! @FSBoston and @FSDenver. Where's your fav??

  • 9/17/2011 Looking forward to a fun Fall in CO. @Colorado has great activities (festivals, food, roadtrips ....) to keep you busy

  • 9/17/2011 It's always sad to see Summer end, so here are some fresh Fall #events to look forward to in New England: via @BostonAE

  • 9/16/2011 Top 10 Places for #Chocolate -- National Geographic:… via @AddThis (Congrats for getting on the list @MaxBrennerUSA)

  • 9/16/2011 Using #LinkedIn via @fastcompany (getting customized urls is a huge plus)

  • 9/15/2011 RT @bostoncalendar New England Comic Con 2011 Wizard World Convention - tomorrow (9/17) at 10:00am -

  • 9/14/2011 Looking forward my first visit and a glass (or 2) of wine @LalasRestaurant Wine Bar

  • 9/13/2011 Event: @ONA MediaShift Mixer (7pm 9/21) at STORYVILLE in Boston (formerly Saint nightcub) - SignUP

  • 9/13/2011 Happy National Peanut Day (Nut-Allergies beware 0/13) - Satisfy your craving @Nuts_Online ... aha, I love this url ;)

  • 9/13/2011 Virgin America impresses (again!): @VirginAmerica + @Row44 to allow fliers to stream entertainment on personal devices

  • 9/12/2011 RT @NESN Patriots Live Blog: Pats, Dolphins Moments From Kickoff… @realpatriots #patriots

  • 9/12/2011 Breaking News: Cantaloupe linked to Listeria outbreak from Colorado… #FoodWarning

  • 9/12/2011 Life's good even if it's not perfect :)

  • 9/12/2011 10 Cult Filmmakers Everyone Should Know: via @AddThis @Flavorwire

  • 9/10/2011 “If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends.” @SJP

  • 9/9/2011 Phew! I just broke 1,000 #tweets thanks to @twitter - what a nice start to the weekend!

  • 9/9/2011 Santé! RT@OdellBrewing CHEERS! @HighlandTapDen: #FF @mittensUP @Fleur_Irisee @ThrilllistDenver @YelpDenver @WomenEnjoyBeer @Rondarita2

  • 9/9/2011 9/11 News: looking for a way to participate in your community? Visit to see what's scheduled in your area @chamberbclc

  • 9/9/2011 Hmmm, @GDeLaurentiis came up a lot in my answers to @Zagat's TV Food Show survey! Get your votes in ASAP:

  • 9/9/2011 Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. #TGIF

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