Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vinue Bar Review


Desirability: 6 of 6 acclamations

My Opinions:  Vinue opened in the late summer of 2011, right around when I moved to Denver ... coincidence? I think not! I am thrilled that this wine bar is here in Cherry Creek. It is just what this neighborhood needs to stay classy-chic and modern. You can pick from almost 70 types of wines and champagnes, in 3 different pour sizes, from a lot of impressive wine dispensing machines. And, yes, they do offer a full bar complete with specialty cocktails. They also offer food from charcuterie platters, to tapas, and even dessert!

It's always fun to introduce people to this venue, especially wine lovers, because they are like a kid in a candy store. I came here for a casual business meeting tonight, and the cushy lounge atmosphere relaxed everyone and encouraged great conversation.

The owners are fantastic - I can't wait to host an event here!

Most Recent Visit:  2/08/2012
Amount Visited:  10+
Experiences:  Lounge, Bar

Address: 2817 E. 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80206  Phone: (720) 287-1156
Social Networking: Facebook /Vinue Food & Wine Bar
- Twitter @VinueWineBar

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