Monday, October 24, 2011

Chinook Tavern Restaurant Review


Desirability: 3 of 6 acclamations

My Opinions: I was first impressed with the spacious bar/lounge, restaurant and additional private room. The super high ceilings, the airy feel, uplifting light wood tones, and interesting lighting. Once seated, I went from feeling intrigued to feeling a bit exposed and lonely - there was no one in the restaurant!

I ordered and waited, and waited ... and waited for some dinner rolls. Then, I waited, and waited ,and waited for my salad. Then, it's repeat the same for my entree, coffee and dessert. I like a relaxing meal, but I didn't plan on it lasting 3 hours. The food was good, but skip the dessert (a bit dry) and coffee (a bit weak).

The bar section is quite attractive (pictured above), so it'd be great for an after-work happy hour drink. Also, the space is accommodating for a large private cocktail function - just make sure the contract ensures it's staffed appropriately.

Most Recent Visit: 10/23/2011
Amount Visited: 1
Experiences:  Dinner

Address: 6380 South Fiddlers Green Circle, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 (multiple locations)
Website:  Phone: ‎(720) 266-6000
Social Networking: Twitter @ChinookTavern  -  Facebook /Chinook Tavern

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