Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lash Envy (Denver) Review


My Opinions: I wasn't sure I would find a comparable lash company in Denver, but Aly Warren's Lash Envy office (near the Cherry Creek Mall) does great work. They use Xtreme Lashes and my stylist, Jacque, is able to artfully apply a significant amount of lashes to make my lash line look full and natural.

The office is located in an apartment building, this surprised me on my first visit because I was not advised, but once inside, Aly maintains a clean and calming environment for you to get your application done. The prices are fair and they even sell some great products like a natural lash stimulator formula, brow pencils and grooming tools. To note: I've been happy with the staying power these lashes have. I can go 4-5 weeks before another application, and they use a quick drying glue that reduces irritation.

Desirability: 5 of 6 acclamations

Most Recent Visit: 10/18/2011
Amount Visited: 2
Experiences: Lash Application

Address: 3329 E. Bayaud Avenue, Suite 804, Denver, CO 80209 (multiple locations)
WebsiteLashEnvyinc.com  Phone: (303) 717-5247
Social Networking: Facebook /Lash Envy

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