Saturday, October 22, 2011

Corridor 44 Bar Review


My Opinions: We all know that I love the bubblies ... especially in the Rose family. Tonight, I  quenched my thirst with their flight of 3 sparkling roses - the presentation was enticing ... my drinks set on a wrought iron spiral flute holder, and the pours all complimented each other.

This place was packed, yet the bar service was still attentive and friendly - nice work! The crowd was an "interesting" mix of 70% classy, 25% tawdry, and 5% sloshed, but it wouldn't be a good Friday night without some amusement, right?! Also, the prices are quite fair, especially for their bottles, so I will be back to try some more flights, some more bottles, and maybe even something from their food menu.

Most Recent Visit: 10/21/2011
Amount Visited: 5+
Experiences: Bar

Desirability: 5 of 6 acclamations

Address: 1433 Larimer Square, Denver, CO 80202
Website:  Phone: (303) 893-0044‎
Social Networking: Twitter @Corridor44  -  Facebook /Corridor 44

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