Friday, October 1, 2010

Peapod Service Review

Peapod by Stop & Shop

My Opinions: I have come to trust and appreciate this food delivery service since moving into a Boston apartment where close parking is hard to come by. It's difficult for me to carry heavy bags, and I don't like to make multiple trips, so this is a perfect service for me.  They bring everything up to my apartment, and not just to the front door of my building.

I was initially concerned with ordering fresh items like fruits and vegetables because I was not there to pick out the freshest looking ones, but they have done a nice job. I have never gotten anything that was bruised or expired. I also like their customer retention program, product information, online specials, and discounted delivery times.

My only hope is that they continue to add to the on-line inventory of items they typically have in stock at the store. I recommend giving this a try (don't forget to tip the delivery person!).

Website:  Phone: (800) 573-2763
Social Networking: Twitter @PeapodDelivers  –  Facebook /Peapod Delivers

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