Thursday, November 18, 2010

Island Creek Oyster Bar Restaurant Review

Island Creek Oyster Bar
My Opinions:  What a great interior! I can't believe this is the same space Great Bay was in (RIP Great Bay). Be sure to get a close-up of the far back wall made up of all oyster shells.

The newly elongated bar was packed with a great crowd, the lounge tables were full and the dining room was running smoothly. I experienced great service at the bar and then in the dining room. The raw bar is the best around and the food is good. To be fair, the two deserts I tried were not very good, a bit dry and flavorless, so save the calories or go somewhere else. And rounding out the offerings, they have a great wine list and cocktail menu.

As long as oysters remain plentiful and fresh, I hope to see this place stay around for a long time. Go SHUCKING!

     Try: Oysters on the Half Shell
     Skip: Desserts

Patronage Inclination: Occasion

Some Food/Drink Tasted:  (Every) Oyster on the Half Shell - Salmon Carpaccio - Beet Salad - Iceberg Wedge - Lobster Roll - Lobster Roe Noodles - Atlantic Swordfish - Seafood Casserole - Hamburger - Cookies & Milk

Most Recent Visit:  11/18/2010
Amount Visited: 5+
Experiences:  Dinner, Bar

Address: 500 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
Website:  Phone: (617) 532-5300
Social Networking:  Twitter @HotelCommonwlth  –  Facebook /Island Creek Oyster Bar

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