Friday, July 30, 2010

Sam's Restaurant & Bar Review

My Opinions:  What a great spot, and this time I was able to sit on the patio ... it was beautiful (be sure to bring your sunglasses though). Plan to get here just before sunset for a gorgeous harbor scene light up right before your eyes.

The crowd is of a more mature mix with socialites that  would go to places like the Boston Harbor Hotel, Miel Brasserie, Morton's, and the Omni Parker. The bar is small, so seats are difficult to come by. Too bad, they didn't setup an outside bar! The table service is very good. Sam's is now my favorite place to order a beet salad; Stephanie's on Newbury makes a short step down to second place! The food here is very good with portion sizes that are not too small and not too large, finally a sensible plating plan. I'm looking forward to trying the burger; I understand it's a very popular menu item, the pate and the brownie sundae.

Don't miss out on the chalk board walls - sign your name, leave a message, and taggers are welcomed to share their art. Come back to see how long your mark stays visible! Fleur Irisee needs to go back and tag their logo.

Some Food/Drink Tasted:  The Narcissist Cocktail - Island Creek Oysters - Beet Salad - Steak and Fries - Halibut Provencal - Confit Country Ribs - Fresh Baked Cookies

Most Recent Visit: 7/29/2010
Amount Visited: 2+
Experiences: Dinner

Patronage Inclination: Occasion

Address: 60 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02110
Website:  Phone: (617) 295-0191
Social Networking: Twitter @SamsAtLouis  –  Facebook /Sams Louis

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