Thursday, December 23, 2010

Southwest Airline Review


My Opinions:  WOW - I just realized how much I like Jet Blue

I did not know that there were major airlines still in operation that employed the "don't-cut-the-line" approach to boarding, fight-for-your-seat assignments, no televisions, tight legroom, anti-handicap-sized bathrooms, and no food to purchase sustenance-program! (If you're rolling your eyes, then roll away, because I was starving.)

This was certainly one of my most unpleasant flight experiences that I can remember. It is family-friendly ... rather, family-heavy ... but the prices have risen to the point that any other airline I can think of will be my next go-to. Also, unless you are extremely particular to which tiny seat you want, paying their upgrade fee is ineffective. <DING!>

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