Thursday, December 16, 2010

Statler Lounge Bar Review

Statler Lounge at the Park Plaza
My Opinions:   I needed to preoccupy myself for a couple hours this evening while waiting for round-2 of my spa appointment (looong story), so I decided to go accross the street to the Park Plaza Hotel. 

This was my first time to try this hotel bar. It was nice and cozy, but is decidedly not a destination spot. I did like that they had a pianist, and that the wine list was decent, but what I didn't care for was their teeny-tiny bar menu. I was hungry and it did not offer up much, so I opted to go on an impromtu diet.

This hotel is rich in history, but is certainly not known for its food.  The afternoon tea is mediocre and we all remember how I felt about Pairings after my unimpressive dinner. It's a great atmosphere, and convenient hotel, but not a foodie haven in the least.

Patronage Inclination:  Only When Necessary

Most Recent Visit: 12/16/2010
Amount Visited: 1
Experiences:  Bar

Address: 50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116
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