Friday, March 11, 2011

Radius Bar & Restaurant Review

My Opinions: I enjoyed another great dinner here tonight, along with a savory bottle of red wine picked from their extensive list, despite Restaurant Week going on. (I am not a fan of this bargain hunt gluttony that takes table reservations from loyal patrons, and has some restaurants changing their menu to items they typically don't have and won't have again. I think most places should reserve a certain quantity of their tables for Restaurant Weekers and leave the rest for their Regulars.)  Not to sound like a complete grump, I was happy to see the bar area bustling and the dining room full ... even if the crowd was a bit different.

Radius remains to be a Boston-Classic in the Financial District, and one of my favorite restaurants to dine at. The service is impeccable complimented by excellent food quality and elegant flavors. I like the sexy rotund room layout and simple/clean decor, too.

I'm a big fan of Via Matta and Altastrada (MGM Grand location) as well, members of Michael Schlow's restaurants, so try them all!

     Try:  Burger - Seared Cod
     Skip:  Rice Pudding

Some Food/Drink Tasted:  Steak Tartare - Buffalo Mozzarella Salad - Pan Seared Cod - Lamb Ravioli - Maine Crab Salad – Sweetbreads – Foie Gras – Chilled Maine Lobster – Bass – Organic Chicken – Rib Eye - Loin of Lamb - Boston Creme Donuts - Cookie Plate - Sorbets - Chocolate Cake

Patronage Inclination: Frequent

Most Recent Visit: 3/10/2011
Amount Visited: 80+
Experiences: Dinner, Bar

Address: 8 High Street, Boston, MA 02110
Website:  Phone: (617) 426-1234
Social Networking:  Facebook /Radius Restaurant Group

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