Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mistral Restaurant Review

My Opinions: This is a great date spot - The bar can be fun and it is sizable with a few loungy seats for overflow - The food is reliable, delicious and of great quailty - the service is attentive and formal

Some Food/Drink Tasted: Sirloin Carpaccio - Roast Rack of Lamb - Pan Roasted Cornish Game Hen - Prime Sirloin Au Poivre - Wild Mushroom Risotto - Half "Whole Roasted" Duck

Patronage Inclination: Frequent

Most Recent Visit: 1/15/2010
Amount Visited: 25+
Experiences: Dinner, Bar

Address: 223 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
Website:  Phone: (617) 867-9300
Social Networking:  Twitter @MistralBoston  -  Facebook /Mistral Boston

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