Monday, February 8, 2010

Il Casale Restaurant & Bar Review

Il Casale
My Opinions:  I am a huge football fan, and after doing the party circuit with people who weren't cheering on the Saints as much as I was, I needed my full concentration to help them win.  So, I chose to stop by Il Casale during Super Bowl XLIV because I knew the  bar would be pretty quiet as this establishment doesn't have a sports-bar scene. I was right, it was very quiet in there, and I was surrounded by Saints fans, so I knew I picked the right place ... the only unpleasant thing about this visit was that they shut down the kitchen  extremely early without the courtesy of a warning to the few patrons in there - My free Business Development Advice: For places that don't have an active bar scene, their bars especially suffer during popular sporting events because the pubs/sports bars pull the crowds, so it is wise for these places to cater to special events like the Super Bowl and UFC and offer some food sports-specials (and advertise it 3 to 4 weeks beforehand).

Some Food/Drink Tasted: Sfizis – Semplice – Ravioli – Funghi Trifolati – Bistecca

Most Recent Visit: 2/07/2010
Amount Visited: 5+
Experiences: Dinner, Bar

Patronage Inclination: Fleeting

Address: 50 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA 02478
Website:  Phone: (617) 209-4942
Social Networking: Facebook /Il Casale

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