Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woodward Restaurant & Bar Review

Woodward at Ames Hotel
My Opinions: This is a restaurant within the circle of the Morgans Hotel Group ... as in, the Delano that I adore in South Beach, Florida and Mondrian in LA! I was very excited about the opening - My first inkling that this was not going to wow me was that no one from the hotel contacted me after I requested a walk through and intro via email and phone call – I came in for dinner and the service was average at best - the food was good, but not anything special or extremely tasty - the bartenders are the best part of coming here if you spend time at the bar - to nitpick: They could do a better job with their dish and stem wear as well as offering desireable wines by the glass - There are so many other places around here that offer the same atmosphere, but are easier to get to, have more alternative options within walking distance, and have better drinks ... I'm rooting for them to improve!

Some Food/Drink Tasted: Short Rib Totellini – Chilled Crab – Roasted Squash Flatbread – Grilled Hangar Steak - Cod

Patronage Inclination: Fleeting

Most Recent Visit: 2/09/2010
Amount Visited: 5+
Experiences: Dinner

Address: 1 Court Street, Boston, MA 02108
Website:  Phone: (617) 979-8200
Social Networking:  Facebook /Woodward at Ames

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