Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shh, Winter's Brewing


Gentle girl, I hold my breath just thinking about you
And wondering how many people love me.
Passing idle time with nonsense, reading, primping
Filling my environment with objects of distractions.
I should concentrate on my life and friends.

Gentle soul, who feels she can never be understood,
Has vanished without a trace.
All the anger and pain were taken, but left behind the unanswerable
And even prayers at sunrise will not share in its light.

And just what kind of unfairness are you imposing?
Selfishly consuming my breath in the presence of your absence
Time sliding by and reflecting the ever-early darkness around
Just waiting for all the leaves to finally fall from their tree.

Gentle child, eyes so deep, but filled with nothing.
What makes a hole hollow ...
Frozen in memory are details of your face,
And scars of dread tattoo our hearts
Knowing your person is now just a shell, homeless and cold.

Gentle life, a fragile wonder of the universe,
So hard to hold, yet unable to be ignored.
Breath can be just as painful as death.
Love. Love is what makes smiles on our face and tears stream down.
Love makes the cold something to look forward to, but without you ...
Life must go on in loving memory of you.

     - Kristin Kim Haynes

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