Sunday, August 1, 2010

And So


I miss the way I lit up your face,
And the love apparent through your gaze.
There are times we went through that I couldn’t replace
And due to my weaknesses can’t dismiss as “just a phase”.

As giving as I am,
I am stubborn too.
So we are where we are
In lieu of how much I love you.

I wince at our state;
Of having to resort to desperate ways.

Our time together has been plentiful.
Our fights - tearfully unbearable.
Through it all, you remained dependable,
And more often than not, I stayed resentful.

I knew a time would come when you had enough of me,
Enough of this, enough of "we";
A final end of impossibilities.
We need to leave it be ...

     - Kristin Kim Haynes

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