Friday, April 15, 2011

Scampo Bar & Restaurant Review

Scampo at the Liberty Hotel
My Opinions: I had another chance to hang at the bar before dinner and noticed that some of the bartenders were using a jigger (a measuring tool) to make drinks ... that never sits well with me for a few reasons. The main reason is it looks like the bartender is inexperienced and insecure. The runner-up reason is that a drinker doesn't want to feel like they're not going to get a good drink. Let's be real, perception is a powerful thing, so when someone sees a little silver measuring cup in Boston, we roll our eyes and move on. When we see a long fluid pour that arcs into a glass, our eyes widen and wallets open (even if it's still the same alcohol content). Bartenders working here should know how to do a perfect pour without jigger training wheels.

On the upside, this was the first time I didn't have to wait to be seated past my reservation. The food is good, the service is okay (plan to exercise patience), and the patrons are a classy mix of Boston's who's who. Don't miss checking out the mozzarella bar.

To note: They offer a gluten free menu.

     Try:  Artichoke & Prosciutto Pizza
     Skip: Pork Chop

Some Food/Drink Tasted: Naan – Artichoke & Prosciutto Pizza – Lobster Pizza - Duck - Mahi Mahi - Spaghetti Bolognese – Brick Chicken – Mozzarella Bar w/Vine Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes

Patronage Inclination:  Fleeting

Most Recent Visit: 4/14/2011
Amount Visited: 25+
Experiences: Dinner, Bar

Address: 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114
Website:  Phone: (617) 536-2100
Social Networking:  Facebook /Scampo  -  Twitter @ScampoLiberty

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