Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sportello Restaurant Review

My Opinions:  I'm slowly fulfilling my Dining Dreams 2011 - tonight was my first place to check off of the list.

This dining-area layout (bright white, stools and a diner-style countertop) definitely wakes you up and makes you take notice. I was excited to have a casual meal, then ... holy sodium overload! The food was good, you could tell everything was fresh, but there was so much salt on everything that my tongue got numb - it didn't do the food justice. Even the salad (that had dressing on the side) was a salt lick.

I did really like their bakery section (this, I would frequent)! I may come back to try lunch, but I'm not interested in doing another dinner here. Oh well, I'll stick to Menton for dinner ... in fact, I'm headed back there May 1st!

Some Food/Drink Tasted:  Fennel Salad - Spicy Tomato Soup - Tagliatelle

Patronage Inclination: Fleeting

Most Recent Visit: 4/21/2011
Amount Visited: 1
Experiences: Dinner

Address: 348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210
Website: Phone: (617) 737-1234
Social Networking: Twitter @SportelloBoston

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