Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sel de la Terre Restaurant Review

Sel de la Terre
My Opinions:  I am not a fan of Restaurant Week(s) for a few reasons  ... like not being able to get a table at a restaurant I frequent  because of the crowds that come out during this trend, and that  restaurants offer special menus that have dishes never offered on their regular menu ... what happens when the newcomer comes back for that dish and can't get it? Restaurants risk loosing the very people they just worked so hard to entice - Anyhow, I was just to dinner here and found myself ordering off their Restaurant Week menu! They did it right by offering their popular menu items with only slight changes, if any, to keep their price-point down.  Here, a Sel de la Terre-newbie can go back to the restaurant and feel like they are familiar with the space and menu -  The service is usually very good, but not this visit ... it was actually very disjointed and borderline-impolite.  I do not know what happened here tonight, but I am optimistic that this was just a fluke and service will be up to par on my next visit.

Some Food/Drink Tasted:  Oysters - Mixed greens - Eggplant - Goat Cheese puree – Pork Pate – Beef Short Rib – Grilled Hanger Steak Frites – Grilled ham and Cheese – Brunch Breads – Brioche French Toast – Quiche - Chocolate Molten Fondant Cake

Patronage Inclination: Occasion

Most Recent Visit: 3/21/2010
Amount Visited: 50+
Experiences: Brunch, Dinner, Bar

Address: 255 State Street @ Longwharf, Boston, MA 02109 (multiple locations)
Website:  Phone: (617) 720-1300
Social Networking:  Twitter @SeldelaTerre  -  Facebook /Sel de la Terre

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